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Business Support for Firms of All Sizes
This sample white paper is focused on using data to forecast prices in commercial real estate, but data analytics has many other applications as well.

We provide business support services starting with your investment pitch all the way through launch and beyond. We provide financial models, valuation help, investor pitch decks, and data analytics. to help you with questions like:

Is there a market for your product? How big is that market?

Are charging your customers the optimal amount to maximize profit?

How can you market your services more effectively and optimize ad spending?

What is the short, medium, and long term outlook for your industry?



Whether industrial areas like the Internet of Things, marketing effectiveness predictions, HR hiring choices or finance areas, we have done it all. In finance alone for instance, we have recently completed projects working on issues like attribution analysis, mutual fund manager selection, earnings forecasting, and hedge fund replication, techniques for using data are changing many aspects of the business world. Your expertise is in running your business, our expertise is in using data to help you build a better business.

Let us help you figure out:

1.) What is your launch strategy?

2.) How are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business?

3.) How could new data sources including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business performance?

4.) What you can do to use data to build a bigger and more profitable business based on key decision areas?

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