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Expert Witness and Litigation Support Work
Download Our FREE Lawyer's Guide To Bankruptcy Debt Analysis Here.
Written by one of our expert witnesses, this short guide examines the basics of debt analysis to help with your court arguements and depositions

Expert Witness Service Highlights

Expert PhD with substantial consulting experience – our experts combine the best of both the “occasional industry expert” and the “professorial expert”


Our experts are:

1.) Adept at bringing dry material to life

2.) Proficient with using sophisticated statistical analysis in securities and valuation matters to objectively and effectively make your point in court

3.) Local to the New England area so we understand the local market and can credibly discuss it on the stand and in depositions

Expert Witness Service Details

We provide expert witness testimony and litigation support to a variety of attorneys across New England and New York. Our experts are all employed full time in other capacities making them a mix of all of the positive qualities from academic experts, professional experts, and industry experts, without the drawbacks of each group.


Our litigation support group consists of qualified PhDs with significant professional experience in finance, real estate, securities trading, and accounting. This vertical is led by a PhD economist with a professional background on Wall Street and significant experience in banking and corporate finance.


We specialize in working on cases related to business disputes, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies, spin-offs, and unfair business practices. In particular, we have expertise in the following:


Business Valuation: We can help by analyzing and assessing the value of the firm using a variety of widely accepted methods which will stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny in court. We can also effectively defend these valuations in depositions and cross-examinations. This service is also a great alternative to a traditional appraisal process for commercial real estate. Commercial real estate appraisals have many flaws which are well documented by economic research - our work can help you exploit those flaws to defend against an adverse appraisal outcome in court.


Bankruptcy Cases: We have experience in all facets of bankruptcy cases in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. From coming up with a feasible exit plan to proposing fair values on properties or fair interest rates for creditors, we can help with all aspects of small, mid-size, and large bankruptcies.


Contractual Disputes: Contractual disputes can often turn on the value of a business intangible and the consideration received in a transactions. We can help with valuing intangibles and forecasting hypothetical cash flows from scenarios that would have happened had a course of events been different. Our expertise here is grounded in solid economic fundamentals and the principles of options valuation which require complex mathematical equations. We can help make these complex topics understandable in a way that is appealing to judges and juries.


Economic Harm and Business Damages: We can help choose the appropriate metric for evaluating business damages in any situation. There four standard methods which have been used by economists for decades when evaluating economic harm and loss in all circumstances from environmental impacts to unfair business practices: equivalent variation, compensating variation, the Lespayres Method, and the Paasche Method. Each method is appropriate under different circumstances, and each method yields a different value for the economic harm done.


Fair Interest Rates: Getting a fair interest rate in a court-ordered cram-down can be critical to many firms. Yet selecting the appropriate interest rate in many circumstances is not a trivial task because there are many potential benchmarks and risk factors to consider. Our expertise can help make sense of the array of options, and get the most beneficial and appropriate rate in any circumstance.

Expert Witness in Finance
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