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Tools and Support for Investment Industry Professionals

Morning Investments is a quantitative tools provider offering support for investment industry professionals including investment advisors (IAs), financial advisors (FAs), and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs).

We provide packages of tools, content, and software white labeled under your firm's name in the following areas:

Client On-boarding tools including on-going market research and commentary

Robo-Advisory tools

Factor and Smart Beta investing tools

Industry benchmarking and data

Other Services - In addition to our primary services above, we provide custom services in the following areas:

Trade Strategy Development: Rather than hire a full-time team of quants to uncover investment arbitrage opportunities and strategies, small and mid-sized funds often hire us to help find new opportunities.

Trade Strategy Evaluation: Funds often hire us to evaluate rules-based strategies such as statistical arb strategies and factor-based portfolio construction.

Quantitative Back-testing: For new funds, raising capital can often be a challenge, especially given the SEC restrictions on hypothetical back-tested strategy numbers. We provide independent back-testing for use by new funds in developing marketing materials and strategies.

Valuation Services: SEC compliance requirements mandate independent valuation agents for valuation of complex securities – we fulfill these needs for securities such as illiquid fixed income securities, structured products, private placements, and private equity stakes.

Hedge Fund Cloning: We help asset management and family office clients replicate hedge fund returns, by cloning the hedge fund performance through a combination of low cost ETFs and other instruments. In combination with one, the clone portfolio of assets has a similar risk/return profile to the target hedge fund category. The end result is similar investment performance with dramatically lower costs.


Morning Investments Investment Tools
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